Stargon unique Andriod Browser

 Quick program with signals, advertisement hindering, custom text styles, night mode. 

The Stargon program is a lightweight internet browser, however has 30 implicit highlights. Swipe signals will permit you to go in reverse and advances as quick as turning pages in a book. 

πŸ‘ Key highlights 

πŸ“– Signal - You can turn pages as you would turn pages in a book. 

🎈 Promotion Square - Advertisement channels help you eliminate superfluous advertisements from your site pages. 

πŸ“‘ DNS VPN - Shields clients from DNS control, and in certain nations HTTPS sidestep is conceivable. 

πŸ“œ Custom text styles - Clients can apply textual styles, sizes, and thicknesses to site pages. 

πŸŒ™ Night mode - Supports elite night mode that lessens eye strain. 

🎬 Video Download - Worked in downloader that can download picture and video and watch it. 

🚩 Full screen - Full screen ability to inundate yourself in site pages. 

πŸ“· Catch - There's a web catch highlight for full, consistent, and halfway screen captures. 

πŸ›‘️ Safe Perusing - Safe perusing is conceivable by obstructing hazardous destinations ahead of time. 

🀐 Secret mode - You can begin secret mode whenever, anyplace without secret tabs. 

✈️ Decipher - Interpret web with Google interpretation framework. 

The Stargon program has many underlying additional items. QR Code Incorporates all important capacities like scanner, display, picture record search, picture altering, premium document transfer, PC mode, download file and that's just the beginning. 

The Program No one but You Can Access! Nobody knows your mysterious private program. 

Private Program is the best protection guardian on web perusing. Private Program can mask itself to be an adding machine on your telephone and when you input your PIN in the number cruncher it goes to a full included program with super speed. 


★ Avoid others 

- In the event that another person play with your telephone he can not discover Private Program. Since it as of now goes itself to an Adding machine . 

- You can enter PIN in this "adding machine" to get to program part of private program 

★ Download encryption 

- The program encodes the downloaded document. Documents, for example, recordings and pictures can't be perceived by other applications or framework libraries, and must be perceived and opened in the program. 

★ Adblocker 

- There is an amazing implicit apparatus called Promotion Blocker in Private Program. With the Advertisement block work, Private Program can successfully impede irritating promotions, pop-ups, flags, just as some particular Javascript, to give you an open to perusing experience. Besides, the Promotion square of Private Program can make the page stacking speed quicker, yet additionally decrease the web information use for clients. 

★ Undercover Mode 

- Perusing without leaving any set of experiences, treats, store and so forth In secret mode makes your perusing experience totally private and mystery. 

★ Super Speed 

- Private Program is made base on Framework level part Webview worked in on your telephone. 

★ Text search 

★ Customized bookmarks 

★ Multi-tab control

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